Get ready for the Do-It-Yourself Messiah

The International Music Foundation, in cooperation with the Yamaha Corporation and Hal Leonard, Inc., has made it easy for you to enjoy the sing-along experience to the maximum.

There are 17 choruses in the Messiah- and they are all glorious! And to make the most of them, we've produced a series of Choral Tutors to help you learn your part- soprano, alto, tenor, and bass.

The Choral Tutors are available in compact disc format. Each recording highlights your part. All you have to do is listen to your part while following along in the score, then sing-along to get familiar with ALL parts of the Messiah (G. Schirmer edition).

Ordering Your Choral Tutor CD And Score

The Choral Tutors CD and score are available from:

Handel's Do-It-Yourself Messiah Choral Tutor lets singers create family or community productions of Handel's holiday classic.

Parts for 17 Messiah choruses have been digitally recorded (accompanied by the Yamaha Clavinova), and follow the G. Schirmer edition of Handel's masterpiece.

Each voicing (soprano, alto, tenor, bass--SABT) has its own audio.

Voicings are sold separately, or in specially priced groups of four (one of each voicing).

Performers Music and Music Dispatch have these CDs (not to mention the Messiah score) available at the following suggested retail prices:

  • #00505051 Soprano CD $18
  • #00505053 Alto CD $18
  • #00505055 Tenor CD $18
  • #00505057 Bass CD $18

G.Schirmer Complete Vocal Score - Handel's Messiah:

  • #50323760 Complete Vocal Score $8.99

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