The International Music Foundation presents:

Live Music Now!

Bringing the experience and joy of live performances to Chicago Public School students through:

  • In-School Recitals

           Arranged upon request of principals or  
           teachers (artist rosters and booking forms)

  • Young People‚Äôs Concerts

           Presented monthly for CPS grades K-6 at:

           CHICAGO CULTURAL CENTER (schedule
           Michigan Avenue between Randolph and    
           Washington Streets 
           KENWOOD ACADEMY (schedule
           5015 S. Blackstone Avenue

Live Music Now! in Chicago was inspired by a similar program created in Great Britain by Yehudi Menuhin who served as a consultant on the Chicago program.

11 E. Adams St., Suite 350-B
Chicago, IL 60603
Phone: 312/670-6888
Fax: 312/670-9166