Jessica Warren, flute    Ricardo Castaneda, oboe   Elizandro Garcia-Montoya, clarinet
Preman Tilson, bassoon    Neil Kimel, horn

Preparing your school for the Barossa Quintet’s visit

Program Description, “Music Paints a Picture”
The Barossa Quintet, a professional, Chicago-based woodwind quintet, uses classical music examples to illustrate how music can evoke images in our minds and thus draw forth a wide range of feelings and thoughts.  Through fun, varied repertoire, the quintet demonstrates how musical elements such as melody, harmony, and rhythm “paint” different moods or images, which, in turn, make us feel a particular emotion or inspire us to imagine a scene or story.  A key point that this presentation highlights is the crucial difference between hearing and listening, a concept that applies not only to listening to music, but to all areas of learning and relating to others.  This program seeks to acquaint audiences with the rich experience of listening to classical music, and to attune them to heeding the ways in which they individually respond when they really listen. In addition to inviting audience participation, the Barossa Quintet encourages good listening skills and appropriate audience behavior during musical selections.  The quintet also demonstrates each of the five instruments, illustrating how they produce sound and discussing their roles in the quintet.  A brief question and answer session concludes each presentation.


  •       Classical music
  •       Chamber music
  •       Woodwind
  •       Brass
  •       Quintet
  •       Tempo
  •       Rhythm
  •       Harmony
  •       Melody
  •       Flute
  •       Oboe
  •       Clarinet
  •       Bassoon
  •       Horn
  •       Reed
  •       Double reed
  •       Orchestra
  •       Composer
  •       Musical piece

Musical excerpts to be selected from the following:

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice                           Dukas
The Flight of the Bumblebee                       Rimsky-Korsakov
Aires Tropicales                                           D’Rivera
The Nutcracker                                            Tchaikovsky
Quintet in E-flat                                            Beethoven
Presto                                                          Haydn
Chorale                                                        Nielsen
Pastoral                                                       Pierne
La Cheminée du Roi René                          Milhaud
Milonga Sin Palabras                                      Piazzolla

Questions for follow-up discussion:

Name the five instruments of the woodwind quintet.
            Flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, horn.

What makes a woodwind a woodwind?

It is made out of wood, or was made out of wood in the past (as in the case of the flute). 

What makes a brass instrument a brass instrument?
            It is made out of brass.  Other examples include the trumpet, tuba, and trombone.

Which instruments use reeds?
            Clarinet, oboe, and bassoon.

Which instruments use a double reed?
            Oboe and bassoon.

Which instrument uses a single reed?

What is the highest instrument in the wind quintet?
            The flute.

What is the lowest instrument in the woodwind quintet?
            The bassoon.

Why is the flute a member of the woodwind family even though it is not made of wood?
            Originally it was made out of wood.  Now it is made out of silver or gold usually. 

Why is the french horn in the woodwind quintet even though it is a brass instrument?
When composers started writing music for the woodwind quintet, they thought the warm, mellow sound of the horn blended well with the sound of the woodwinds.  It is often considered to be a sort of link between the brass sections and woodwind sections in orchestras.  The horn is also included in brass quintets, another type of chamber ensemble.

How many people are in a Quintet?  Quartet?  Trio? Duo?
                       5, 4, 3, 2   

What do we call a person who writes music?

Who was the Cuban composer who wrote the Aires Tropicales performed by the quintet?
            Paquito D’Rivera.

Name one Russian composer.

Name two French composers.
           Dukas and Gounod. 

Name one Cuban composer.

Name one Argentinian composer.

What do we call a classical music selection?
           A piece of music.

Guidelines for Student Feedback

Ask your students to write to the International Music Foundation using some of the following questions or topics.

What was your favorite piece and why?

What was your favorite instrument and why?

How did the Flight of the Bumblebee make you feel?

The sound of the oboe reminds you of….

The clarinet and oboe look similar but sound different.  In what ways do they sound different?  How do they produce their sounds differently?

How is classical music different than or similar to popular music?

A few things I have learned about classical music include…

The term chamber music refers to….

Listening to the music of the woodwind quintet makes me feel….

When I hear classical music, I….
            Draw a picture of…
            Imagine a story about…
            Feel the way I feel when…

Please send artwork / essays / evaluations to:

International Music Foundation
Attn:  Maria Valdes-Vargas
30 E. Adams Street, Suite 1206
Chicago, IL   60603

11 E. Adams St., Suite 350-B
Chicago, IL 60603
Phone: 312/670-6888
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