Ann Murray

Ann Murray

Ann Murray, Executive Director, is a graduate of the University of London where she majored in the Archaeology of the Near East. Following graduation she spent 6 years in Turkey as Assistant Director of the British Institute of Archaeology, Ankara, where she was responsible for the administration of the Institute, participation in the Institute’s excavations in Southeastern Turkey, at the same time conducting her own doctoral research.

Prior to her 10 years in archaeology, Ann was employed in administration in a number of fields, most particularly as assistant to the General Manager of the BBC Symphony Orchestra in London. This employment brought her experience not only in orchestral management but also concert management on a large scale.

She served as Executive Director of the International Music Foundation from 1989-1999, and returned in May 2001 to take over the leadership of the organization following the retirement of founder, Al Booth. During the intervening 2 years, she was an Assistant Director of Development at Lyric Opera.


Anthony Devroye

Artistic Director, Rush Hour Concerts

Anthony Devroye enjoys a varied and active career as chamber, orchestral and solo violist and teacher.

Kuang-Hao Huang

Associate Artistic Director, Rush Hour Concerts/Artistic Director, Make Music Chicago

Pianist Kuang-Hao Huang has performed throughout the United States as well as in Europe and Asia. Mr. Huang is most often heard as a collaborator, performing concerts and radio broadcasts with Chicago’s finest musicians, from instrumentalists of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to singers with the Lyric Opera.

Brant Taylor

Consulting Artistic Director, Rush Hour Concerts

Born in New York, Brant Taylor (Consulting Artistic Director) began cello studies at the age of 8. His varied career includes solo appearances and collaborations with leading chamber musicians throughout North America, Europe and Asia, as well as orchestral, pedagogical and popular music activities.


Carlo Diaz

Production Coordinator, Make Music Chicago

Meghan Eagan

Development Manager

Stephanie Itano

Operations Manager

Lia Kohl

Production Coordinator

John Lee

Program Coordinator

Surinder Martignetti

Producer, Make Music Chicago

Maria Valdes-Vargas

Program Coordinator

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