No matter your age, time availability, or income level, you can be a supporter of Rush Hour:

Social and professional networking in a casual setting
– Come by yourself or bring friends to summer concerts
– Meet new people at Fanfare post-concert happy hours & special events
– Share your feedback on our website

Spread the word about the Rush Hour experience
– Join our Facebook group or fan page
– Distribute brochures to your friends, family and colleagues
– Add a tagline link to your email

Any contribution makes an impact
– Join either the Board of Directors OR Under-40 fundraising challenge (read more here)
– Get a matching gift from your company
– Encourage your friends to contribute

Behind-the-scenes access to a Chicago cultural institution

– Assist at weekly summer concerts
– Share your special talents and skills with the organization
– Help plan special Fanfare events

For more information about participation in any of these areas, please contact me at 773.338.9480 or julie AT

– Julie Hutchison
Managing Director

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