This week, the Rush Hour audience accompanied violinist Bernard Zinck and guitarist Rene Izquierdo on a musical exploration of the tango, starting with the sultry Bordel 1900 of Astor Piazzolla’s History of Tango and ending with the lively Polo of Manuel de Falla’s Canciónes Populaires Españolas.

Audience members began their journey through Argentine culture in the pre-concert reception, which featured delicious empanadas and cookies. We extend a sincere thank you to El Mercado restaurant for helping to provide the food in our pre-concert reception, making the concert event an authentic and complete Argentine experience!

Play the video below for comments from audience members about Rush Hour and Tuesday’s concert:

Artistic Director Deborah Sobol interviews violinist Bernard Zinck and guitarist Rene Izquierdo for the “Rush Hour Conversations” podcast

Executive Director Megan Balderston smiles with friend Aja Gohram at the pre-concert reception

Volunteers Peggy and Max help prepare the empanadas and cookies before the doors open

Audience members begin to fill the cathedral before the performance

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