Thank all of you for braving the torrential downpour and [near] mass flooding to come to Rush Hour last Tuesday! We were configuring back-up plans on our way to the cathedral in case: 1) the artists are rained out (in which case RH Artistic Director Deborah Sobol would inevitably have to improvise something on the piano); 2) all RH guests are rained out (in which case we’d have to consume cases of strawberries and cream and bottles of wine ourselves); 3) we, the Rush Hour staff and artistic director, never make it off of the flooded Lake Shore Drive (we could not come up with a back-up plan for this one…).

Thankfully heavy storms never last [too] long. Approximately 250 people challenged Chicago’s tempestuous summer conditions and experienced charming, refreshing, and uplifting (not to mention funny and witty) folk songs by Benjamin Britten and Ralph Vaughan Williams, performed by Chicago Symphony principal clarinet Larry Combs, Lyric Opera baritone Levi Hernandez, and RH leader Deborah Sobol, who is also a founding member and pianist of the Chicago Chamber Musicians.

Crowd mingling and enjoying strawberries and cream during the pre-concert reception.

Lyric Opera soprano Lauren Curnow and baritone Levi Hernandez.

Reba (Fanfare Committee member) and Helen (Chicago Cultural Center) during the pre-concert reception.

Larry Combs and Deborah Sobol performing Vaughan Williams folk songs.

Levi Hernandez and Deborah Sobol performing songs by Benjamin Britten.

Crowd gathering around Rush Hour’s gift shop ENSEMBLE after the concert. We now carry specially-designed culturally curious? t-shirts, Rush Hour t-shirts,  and CDs!

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