For those of you who came to our concert last Tuesday dreading contemporary music and anticipating four and something minutes of silence at a piano (or anything else John Cage concocted, for that matter), we think it’s safe to proclaim that the Third Coast Percussion Quartet won over everyone with their great performances of some pretty spectacular compositions.

In an innovative program featuring works by Steve Reich, Tobias Broström, John Cage, and quartet member David Skidmore, Third Coast created hypnotic and invigorating soundscapes with marimbas, coffee tins, a conch shell, and a stage-full of percussive instruments. Afterwards, as if winning over 385 people’s hearts wasn’t enough, the guys of Third Coast were so nice that they welcomed audience members to go on stage and see (and play!) their instruments up close.

Please check out our podcast interview with the guys from Third Coast, as well as a brief rehearsal clip on our audio page if you are interested in hearing the conch shell in action again. Also, please take a look at what music journalist Marc Geelhoed wrote about Third Coast and Rush Hour on his blog. Thank you all for supporting Rush Hour!


Coffee, anyone?


We weren’t kidding about all the instruments – imagine all the sounds a composer and percussion quartet can elicit!


Long-time Rush Hour guest Helen and friend. We’ll see you both next week!


Third Coast Percussion Quartet in action.


Guests checking out the instruments on stage after the concert.


Third Coast member Robert Dillon showing Rush Hour Artistic Director Deborah Sobol the “lion’s roar” technique. A “lion’s roar” sound is achieved by using a wet towel to pull on a wooden stick attached to the surface of a drum, and it really does sound like a lion’s roar!


The Very Rev. Joy Rogers revealed to us she was a timpani player in high school during her Rush Hour Q&A, so we had to capture her returning to her roots as a percussionist!


Third Coast member Owen Clayton Condon chatting with Rush Hour board member Dr. Jim Frederiksen.

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