Yet another successful concert and partnership with the Poetry Foundation! As many of you may recall, last year Rush Hour and the Poetry Foundation teamed up to present Bach’s Two-Part Inventions alongside poetry readings. It was only fitting that we followed last year’s innovative program this season with Bach’s Three-Part Inventions, each paired with poetry inspired by the inventions. Close to 400 of you came for Bach and poetry – thanks for visiting us and please don’t hesitate to send us feedback as we prepare for next year’s season!

Many thanks to Stephen Young and the Poetry Foundation for being wonderful partners in creating a program that was unique, creative and inspirational. Big bravos to pianists Kuang-Hao Huang, Deborah Sobol, and Diana Schmück, and poets Kevin Coval, Anne Winters, and Judith Valente. Special thanks to Valerie Jean Johnson, who stepped in for Anne Winters at the last minute.


Kuang-Hao Huang, Kevin Coval, Valerie Jean Johnson, Deborah Sobol, Diana Schmück and Judith Valente.


Kevin Coval during sound check.


Kuang-Hao Huang warming up.


Guests during the pre-concert reception: the menu featured brie, crackers, lemon-cherry scones, Argo Tea, juice, and red and white wines!


Rush Hour Intern Tara’s parents during the reception – thanks for helping us clean up after the concert!


The Poetry Foundation’s Stephen Young with Rush Hour Managing Director Julie Hutchison.


Poet Judith Valente and pianist Diana Schmück after the concert.


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