This week, Rush Hour welcomed Emily Lodine, mezzo-soprano, Capriccio (Donna Milanovich, flute, and Stephen Hartman, harp), and Elizabeth Start, ‘cello for a memorable concert event. The performance featured the poignant I Remember – Based on the Diary of Anne Frank (music by Michael Cohen, text by Enid Futterman), as well selections from Charles Lichter’s Four Hebrew Canons and Ernest Bloch’s From Jewish Life.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Trader Joe’s, who generously provided refreshments at Tuesday’s pre-concert reception.

Thank you, Trader Joe's! by you.

Thank you, Trader Joe’s!

Donna Milanovich, flute by you.

Donna Milanovich, flute, at the pre-concert reception

Stephen Hartman, harp by you.

Stephen Hartman, harp

Elizabeth Start, cello by you.

Elizabeth Start, ‘cello

Emily Lodine, mezzo-soprano

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