Last Tuesday was a bittersweet day in retrospect, but undoubtedly everyone involved with Rush Hour – from artistic leadership to volunteers and the audience – experienced tremendous excitement, laughter and the electrifying energy so readily prevalent in the air during our 2007 season finale, titled Humor & Whimsy: The Music of P.D.Q. Bach.

Soprano Carole FitzPatrick, mezzo-soprano Emily Lodine, tenor Hoss Brock, and baritone Peter Van De Graaff – along with pianists Deborah Sobol and Kay Kim (not to mention a special cameo from St. James’ Director of Cathedral Music Bruce Barber) – gave life to P.D.Q. Bach‘s ingenious writing full of great contrapuntal lines around the four voices, kazoos, piano five hands, and loud, intrusive organ outbursts.

Thank you to the audience (more than 400 of you!) for adding to the excitement and energy level of St. James Cathedral. It is truly a marvel to feel the difference between an empty and packed house: Each of you bring so much life and spontaneity to each performance that we must take a moment and applaud you all for gracing us with your presence week after week. Thank you so much for making Rush Hour’s 8th season the most successful yet!


Deborah Sobol, Bruce Barber, and Kay Kim rehearsing P.D.Q. Bach’s ingeniously crafted Liebeslieder Polkas, featuring voices and piano 5 hands.


Podcast discussion with Emily Lodine, Hoss Brock, Peter Van De Graaff, Kay Kim, Deborah Sobol, and Carole FitzPatrick. Take a listen to their discussion here.


St. James Sexton Henry Leach greeting a guest.


Emily Lodine, mezzo-soprano, meeting guests during the pre-concert reception.


Peter Van De Graaff, baritone, and Hoss Brock, tenor, enjoying the crafty lyrics of P.D.Q. Bach.


Emily Lodine, mezzo-soprano, and Carole FitzPatrick, soprano, in full opera mode during P.D.Q. Bach’s The Seasonings.


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