Brahms: Intermezzo, Op.118, No. 2 in A Major

A hallmark of Rush Hour Concerts’ mission is to make classical music accessible to everyone. With that in mind, we have developed the Listening Moments Series. Each month we will highlight a piece by a favorite composer, performed by RHC’s world-class artists. These performances will be accompanied by a short listening guide by the featured artist(s) that provides their unique insights about the piece and aims to enhance the listener’s appreciation of the music.

To close out February and our focus on Brahms, please enjoy  Intermezzo, Op. 118, No. 2 in A Major discussed and performed by Kuang-Hao Huang, RHC Associate Artistic Director.

Notes from our Artist: Kuang-Hao Huang

“There are many ways to enjoy great music, and my hope is that by sharing my insights and way of listening to Brahms, I can add another layer to one’s appreciation of his music and perhaps encourage further discussion about this great music. For me, this sharing of ideas, this dialogue, can make experiencing music incredibly rich. There are many works that are dear to me, not just because they are great pieces of music, but also because of all the shared insights and memories that they summon. Every time I perform or hear these pieces, I am reminded of all the people that I associate with them— almost like a photo album.”

[youtube id=”9Kp3i62xigk”]

[youtube id=”Uv97nU_m7vw”]

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