Live Music Now! in Chicago was inspired by a similar program created in Great Britain by Yehudi Menuhin (who served as a consultant for the IMF Chicago program). It brings the experience and joy of live performances to Chicago Public School students through:

Presented monthly for CPS grades K-6

Arranged upon request of principals or teachers

Given the CoVid-19 pandemic, Live Music Now! 2021 is going online. We are working with the Streamable Learning platform to present free monthly Young People’s concerts to students in Chicago and across the country. If you are a principal, teacher or art liaison and want to attend please contact us here.

UPCOMING LIVE MUSIC NOW! Young People’s Concerts

January 29, 2021    AXIOM BRASS QUINTET

Let’s Make Music is a multicultural, educational music program designed to expose students to the fascinating and diverse world of classical music. This concert is an exciting journey around the world, exploring different cultures through music. During the concert, Axiom will perform musical selections from England, USA, Argentina, France, and more. These compositions are carefully chosen to introduce students to different styles and elements of music, and every composition is paired with entertaining information about the composer, the style of the piece,​ ​and the unique characteristics of each brass instrument.

February 26, 2021   D-COMPOSED STRINGS

D-Composed is a chamber music experience that celebrates and centers on Black musicians, Black composers, and the Black experience.  Their goal is to redefine as well as modernize the classical music experience.  The Quartet believes that it is important to preserve Black history in the classical field as well as forge new paths for those who continue to share the legacy of Black composers.  Their practice is rooted in the power of collaboration. When one of us succeeds, all of us succeed, and it is their mission to elevate others throughout this musical journey.

March 26, 2021   KING OF SOUL

A fresh take on some great Soul Music! Otis Redding, Sam Cooke and others wrote some of the memorable and enduring Soul/R&B songs ever recorded. This new ensemble presents some of the amazing Soul catalog with a Spanish/Cuban guitar and piano accompaniment as well as new arrangements featuring the rhythms of Andalusia. The group features “The Soulkeeper” Gerald McClendon (vocals), core members of Las Guitarras de España, Carlo Basile (Spanish guitar), Bob Garrett (caja, percussion), Greg Nergaard (acoustic bass) with John Kattke (piano).

April 30, 2021   KAIA STRING QUARTET

KAIA String Quartet is a Chicago-based ensemble specializing in the rich and colorful music of Latin America. In this presentation we will take students on a “musical trip around the world” introducing them to music of different cultures and countries and the instruments of the string quartet. Students will become familiar with musical terms like the beat, composer, and range as well as hear examples of how composers portray stories, feelings and ideas through their music.  


The Rhythmunity Ensemble is a group of percussionists hailing from all over the world who present a musical world tour of traditional percussion music. Committed to education in the belief that knowledge of other cultures can break down barriers between cultures, the ensemble has performed for thousands of public school students, college students, teachers, and business people. The program interweaves music, folklore, history, and geography in a very entertaining, educational and accessible presentation. Some of the cultures represented in the program include Cuban, West African, Arab, Indian, and Brazilian. The ensemble members are all highly accomplished musicians who have lived, studied, and performed all over the globe.

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