Early springI hate to wait.

My last few articles have contained an almost subconscious countdown to June and our first concert. The childlike part of me is plaintively saying, “Are we there yet?” and the annoyed adult is answering back, “We’ll get there when we get there!”

This year, I feel that way about spring, about an upcoming trip, about Rush Hour, about my impending graduation from my master’s program… I’m a veritable bundle of anticipation. It is hard to remember sometimes that this anticipatory sensation has an important and natural place in the cycle. In each of these cases (although I do not claim to have any control over spring), the vast majority of the preparatory work is already done. The RH staff and board has had an extremely productive winter, and while behind-the-scenes work is never truly finished, we have reached the anticipatory place in our calendar. The RH season is set and the brochure will be printed shortly. We have contacted musicians, met with community partners, and planned some really spectacular concert events. But the truth remains – and eats at me – “We’ll get there when we get there.”

March already?!The truth is, this short period of less frenetic activity will make the arrival of all of these events that much more enjoyable. I’ve never been one to actively anticipate anything; I would far rather have my expectations wildly surpassed than wildly disappointed. This year, I am trying my best to feel conscious of each moment as a necessary precursor to the main event, whatever it is. This is not easy for the most enlightened person, which means it’s a real chore for me.

So join me, if you will, in a deep and cleansing breath. My goal for March is to enjoy it as the appetizer of all the good things that are coming soon, and appreciate it for what it is – even if I’m not there yet.

– Megan Balderston

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