An Introduction to Rush Hour

Do you wonder what defines “the Rush Hour experience”? These remarks, delivered before the August 14 Rush Hour concert, will give you an idea:

Good evening, I’m Tom Orlando, a member of the Rush Hour Concerts Board of Directors.  It is my pleasure to welcome you to today’s concert by the Spektral Quartet, a new performer to Rush Hour and an ensemble that has received critical acclaim.

At Rush Hour, we believe that audiences who desire to have a true listening experience are as vital to artistic achievement as the artists who make the sounds we hear, and that the relationship between audience and performer is a very healthy co-dependency.  Isn’t this why we leave the comfort of our homes to experience a live performance?  We need to.  We are nourished by it.  And, I believe, they, the performers, draw energy from us and achieve even greater feats of artistry as a result of our interaction with them.

But in too many cases, live performances are cost prohibitive or in settings that are large and impersonal or intimidating.  Our mission at Rush Hour is to bring you top quality, free programming in an environment that is intimate, communal, informal and welcoming.

After you hear the Spektral Quartet, I am confident you will agree that we have again fulfilled our goal of featuring top quality performers.

And we have St. James to thank for allowing us to feature performers in this intimate, communal, informal and welcoming space.

We also thank our generous donors for making our programming free for you and without whom this would not be possible.

That leaves you, our audience, without whom none of this would be relevant.  We thank you for helping us make the music making experience the dynamic experience we believe it is meant to be.  If you like what we do, please think about one or two other people in your life who have either not heard about us or are a little unsure about what we do, or perhaps even unsure if they would like what we do.  We welcome the uninitiated and believe this is an excellent format for people to test the waters of the kind of music we present.

There are two more concerts left this summer after today.  Encourage them to come, or bring them along to one of the remaining concerts with you, or keep them in mind for next summer.  Help us reach more listeners, and we promise to provide you with more artists like those you have enjoyed all summer, including the ones you are about to hear.

In just a moment we will go to the live broadcast by WFMT 98.7 and our host, Dave Schwann, who will be speaking with Doyle Armbrust, a member of the Spektral Quartet.

Thank you again for joining us tonight.  We hope you enjoy the concert.

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