Back in September, when Rush Hour staff began planning for the holiday card, I was struck by the use of the word “solstice” instead of the more ubiquitous “holidays.” I thought to impress all of you today by giving you as compact and detailed an explanation of solstice as I could crib from Wikipedia, only to find that the winter solstice to which we refer is entirely dependent upon relative hemispheric location, and whether or not one uses a solar-based calendar. I figure that last sentence may well be as incomprehensible to you as reading the solstice explanation was to me. In any case, if determining our exact solstice requires either a protractor or advanced math skills, I’m not the person for the job.

Therefore, I referred to my perennial standby, Webster’s Dictionary, and found an interesting sub-definition: “a furthest or culminating point; a turning point.”

While looking at the images on the Rush Hour holiday card during these cold weeks it may be difficult to believe that the delights of the season are just around the corner. But for RH staff, December is our actual turning point. In less than six months (June 3rd, to be exact) Rush Hour’s 9th season will begin. As December rushes around us, we are finalizing the programs and laying all of the groundwork for the season ahead.

For the staff, Rush Hour is a love affair that is never dormant. When we say in our card, “our thoughts turn to those who recognize the value of music in life,” we are thinking of you, our dear audience, artists, and stakeholders, excited about the turning point that takes us back to the magic of Rush Hour’s summer season.

– Megan Balderston

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