As we sit back in the fullness of Rush Hour’s August, here are a few up-to-date statistics from the 2009 season so far that I thought might be of interest to weekly audience members and first-timers alike:

  • 140 pounds of fruit and cheese, 4,000 cookies, brownies and pastries, and 3,500 glasses of wine, juice, water and tea have been prepared and offered to our audience before each concert
  • Up to 525 attendees each week have experienced the respite of Rush Hour
  • 4,500 program books have been printed and distributed
  • 49 musicians have already performed
  • 8,000 visitors have explored our website,

And, the final “statistic” that intersects with all of the above: the 30 pairs of hands helping to produce each weekly Rush Hour concert event – our volunteers!

Rush Hour’s volunteers are critical to its success. Each one freely offers to take part in the Rush Hour enterprise; each one, an important cog in a large production wheel. Our audience thanks our artists weekly for bringing the magic of great, live music to the magnificent space of St. James; I thank our volunteers for helping to make that experience possible for our audiences.

As we continue to serve the successful growth of Rush Hour, we need increased ranks in our volunteer base. My heartfelt gratitude to each of those “30 pairs of hands.” And my thanks in advance to any and all that decide to join this remarkable group of people in the future!

– Deborah Sobol
Artistic Director

Contact Concert Manager Ariela Rotenberg at ariela AT or call 773.338.9480 to sign up or to get more information about volunteering for Rush Hour.

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