We believe that classical music events should:

  • be accessible to all audiences
  • be relevant to contemporary lifestyles
  • provide regular access to aesthetic nourishment
  • foster a sense of community

The Rush Hour staff, board, advisors, and artists hold the above mentioned truths to be self-evident.  Within Rush Hour’s mission statement and philosophy lay the best arguments for supporting the series.

Rather than charge for tickets and a reception, Rush Hour provides 13 free, unique concert events every summer. The Rush Hour community has undoubtedly noticed two striking differences this year: before a single note is played in August, we have already hosted more audience members and artists than any of our previous seasons.

The increase in audience and artists costs money, and we have one final challenge to surmount—to earn our full operating budget before the doors close on the 2009 season. We have about $20,000 left, plus $2,500 of our “under 40” challenge grant. If you have made a pledge already, please fulfill it today.

Each $25 gift represents the equivalent of one ticket to a similar concert event. (In fact, I think you would be hard pressed to find a $25 concert experience that includes wine and snacks, let alone the indefinable aesthetic nourishment Rush Hour provides!) A Rush Hour Circle gift of $1,000 pays for 40 guests to fully enjoy a concert event. In fact, when considering my own gift to Rush Hour, I enjoy thinking about the number of people I’ve virtually “hosted” in this way. My gift also helps ensure that Rush Hour will perpetuate the customs and spirit of listening to classical music in beautiful public spaces.

As we embark upon the last month of Rush Hour’s 10th anniversary season, I urge you who enjoy these events so much—our audience—to make a gift now to help us end our season in the black, ready to plan for and execute the 2010 season of free classical music events—and beyond.

Please think about the value of your experience, and make a gift of $25, $50, or $100 today. We thank you for making Rush Hour Concerts at St. James Cathedral part of your life.

– Megan Balderston
Executive Director

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