It may seem that Tuesday’s program, “I Remember,” is an unusual choice for a chamber music series such as ours. What do the writings of an adolescent trapped by hatred and a cruel war have to do with a beautiful evening in Chicago 70 years later, and you, our community of concertgoers?


Rush Hour is a diverse community of people who have several things in common: cultural curiosity, the shared enjoyment of a respite at the end of the day, and the willingness to explore the traditional alongside the modern. You are savvy with politics, intelligent, generous, and some of the most interesting people I have ever met. Speaking with members of the Rush Hour community illuminates and informs my own journey, and broadens the aesthetic nourishment provided by the music. Having the unintentionally immortal words of Anne Frank set against the backdrop of beautiful music and the Rush Hour community seems like the perfect combination of respite and reflection to me. While St. James’ physical space is gorgeous and inspiring, I take this opportunity to thank you, our Rush Hour community, for creating the proper mental and reflective space to truly enjoy these works.

– Megan Balderston

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