1. Rush Hour = FREE and open to everyone!
  2. Live, world-class music-making all summer long.
  3. There will always be food and wine – every Tuesday at 5:15 p.m. – from June to August – you can count on it!
  4. Rare opportunities to meet world-renowned musicians before and after each performance.
  5. Air conditioning (vital for Chicago summers)!
  6. Maybe you can find Abraham Lincoln‘s seat when he frequented St. James Cathedral (many moons ago…), or learn a bit about how St. James survived the Chicago fire
  7. Come meet other culturally curious people! Don’t be shy – make new friends!
  8. A no-cost happy hour vs. being stuck on Lake Shore Drive? You decide…
  9. We smell better than the CTA … (seriously … any doubt about this one?)
  10. Did we mention Rush Hour is FREE?!


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